Project: This project was created in cooperation with Muchacho Studio to support the local economy during the Coronavirus crisis. While we were in quarantine, we saw how the pandemic took a toll on our community. We began to think of ways to help the small businesses in our city, Girona. By combining our skills (textile printing and graphic design), we created the solidarity initiative #SUPORTGIRONA.

The initiative gives businesses the opportunity to create their own merchandising to sell online, and thus, have one more promotional tool. It is a completely free service for all participating businesses. We take care of the website management, marketing, design, production and shipping. In addition, all profits are shared between the businesses and Josep Trueta hospital in Girona.

Development: As the graphic designer for this project, my first task was to develop the branding and imagery. This includes the main logo as well as other design materials, such as stickers and postcards, included with each order and dossier. I also worked on custom designs with businesses who wanted more than just their logo on the garments. To further promote the brand, I created and maintained an Instagram account that played an important role in our exposure.